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In about 2018 during a Northern Shaolin class, I asked Sifu Scott Jensen if he’d like to star in and choreograph a Kung Fu film I aspired to make called, “The Dragon’s Dance.” Four years later, as the film approaches its completion, I reflect on how much Sifu has influenced and contributed to this small martial arts epic.

Firstly, watching the Bagua Zhang he teaches sparked the inception. Secondly, every actor in the film acquired their martial skills from him. Thirdly, who else on earth could play Sifu Yang, the immortal Northern Shaolin Master? Fourthly, the entire fabric constituting the films is shaped through his choreography.  In addition, in times of my exhaustion with the process, Sifu’s enthusiasm and encouragement kept me going.

Sifu, Rachel, Erica, Harold, and River really brought their A game, both as martial artists and actors. There were moments when I was blown away by their dramatic performances. Each of them has put in a tremendous effort training and rehearsing for the action intensive scenes. And now they’re all about to become Kung Fu movie stars. What could be cooler than that?

For multiple days our crew heaved hefty pounds of film equipment up a tall mountain and back down again. Somehow, despite their exhaustion and frustration with me, they managed to execute our vision with innovation and an artfulness far exceeding my own imagination.

It is with great pleasure that I now share with you the first official trailer for our mythical martial arts epic, “The Dragon’s Dance.”

Two days of production and a couple months of post still lie ahead, but completion approaches quickly. I am so proud of our accomplishments thus far and inspiration moves me into and through our next steps. It is with much gratitude that we receive any amount you are willing to donate to the film through our Kickstarter, as it will take funds to finish this film properly and get it into festivals around the world. Become part of our Kung Fu action movie journey by supporting us! If you already contributed and would still like to help us out, consider sending our Kickstarter to friends or posting it on social media.

I hope everyone enjoys the trailer!

Sincerely, Sean Lim

p.s. Check out Kickstarter for more info about the movie and about Sean Lim

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