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Ancient Lineage Arts – What Are They and Why Do You Want One?

Ancient Lineage Arts are inherited wisdom of self-care and self-development created by generations of practitioners, teachers, and masters. The most important of all Arts is the art of self-care and self-nourishment. Sick, pained, weak, afraid, and unsure; how could anyone have a good day? Healthy, vibrant, strong, brave and confident; the world seems beautiful, full of life and abundant opportunity. Cannot take of ourselves, we become a burden to all around us. Capable and ready, we can help others in need.  

Ancient lineage arts like Tai Chi Chuan, Northern Shaolin, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Lan Shou Quan all completely transform those who practice them. Combining mind and body with movement, breathing, focus, intention, power, courage, and wisdom in every practice session surpasses all other forms of self-cultivation in both efficiency and effectiveness. Ancient lineage arts beautifully unify many layers of activity and beneficial development at once integrating all of them into you. Learning an ancient lineage art is efficient because you do only one activity and you accomplish many goals and receive many benefits at once. 

Finding another activity that combines all of these elements together simply may not be possible. Ancient lineage arts do not require you to be an athlete, or special in any way, or even healthy when you start. They are accessible to people of all body types, conditions, and personalities.  

Some arts challenge the outer reaches of human athleticism like Northern Shaolin and Lan Shou Quan, others are much gentler and more restorative like Tai Chi Chuan. Some strike a balance like Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang. Each has a different strategy of self-defense suited to different personalities.  

Sifu Scott Jensen in Horse StanceAll of these arts assume you are a beginner and provide a structured, sequential, and developmental training program under a qualified teacher. This means they have easier foundation or beginner levels, clear intermediate levels, and advanced and expert levels as well. Each of these levels has different lessons, drills, exercises, and methods to learn and master. This is what makes a system complete and provides the total package of human development and self-care that makes these arts treasures whose value is beyond measure.  

Lineage arts live within their practitioners and especially their experts and masters like a precious language. True lineage arts are passed down directly teacher to pupil. Quality and continuity are maintained by certifying only qualified and capable inheritors. Carrying a lineage and passing it on to the next generation is both an incredible privilege, a wonderful gift, and a duty and responsibility. 

Join us on the journey that turns your life into an adventure of transformation and growth every week.


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