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Ancient Wisdom Modern Health Podcast on YouTube!

Sean Lim, our staff cinematographer, has been working hard to post our Ancient Wisdom Modern Health podcast on YouTube.

Sean has been adding “Closed Captioning” to each Ancient Wisdom Modern Health podcast on YouTube. This means you can cause subtitles in English to appear on the bottom of the viewer should you desire to read along with the podcast. This helps people understand my spoken podcast and/or translate it. This is a particular benefit to non native English speakers who are listening along. On YouTube there are currently no visuals other than a faceplate photo to accompany the audio. However, the audio content is great. Since the whole world tunes into YouTube this is a great place to help new people find out about our awesome podcast and learn some ancient wisdom to help them stay healthy and happy today!

Check out these episodes today:


#1. 1960s, 70s, 80s, San Francisco and Berkeley Scene – A Gateway to the Martial World

#2. My path hits a Cadillac and a Bridge – The start of my healing journey

#3.The Origin of Qi Gong and Its Connection with Chinese Medicine

and more!

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