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Animal Power – The Monkey is Swinging Your Way!

Starting June 8

Animal Power the Monkey!

Six Weeks of Monkey Business for Kids and Parents and everyone!

I First learned Kung fu with my father when I was 15. It was one of the best things we did together and we both had many fond memories of our classes and moments going to and from class together. I love our parent kid teams and Monkey Power is perfect for you!

We have created a new 6 week course with an exciting and professional 45 minute activity class each week, bonus Mandarin language lessons, a fun “Fu Book” full of activities and an awesome patch when you complete your training.

Hone your Problem Solving Skills with the Monkeys Virtue of Cleverness
Learn how to turn instantly with the Monkey Turns.
Learn the unique Monkey Moves and Monkey Leap and then put them together into a great Monkey Form.
Learn about the Monkey King and his magical powers.
Learn about the old idiom “Three Heads and Six Arms”

You will be able to learn Monkey Fu in the Teahouse Soon!

More Animals To Come!!!



Animal Power

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