Ba Gua Zhang Online Course Going Live

By May 16, 2020Events
Sifu Jensen practicing Ba Gua Zhang. 10,000 Victories school is located in San Rafael, Marin, CA.

Ba Gua Zhang Online Course

Dive Deep Into the Heart of Ba Gua Zhang in this 8 week course with Sifu Jensen starting May 20th

After completing this course you will have a clear understanding of how to condition and heal your body, build the incredible synergistic twisting power that is a specialty of Ba Gua Zhang, and how to transform how you shift your weight, step, and contact the ground to develop continuous power with the whole body. To do this you will learn an extensive and thorough series of exercises taught with precision and anatomical detail.

This eight-week cohort course is filled with lots of content and training, with 46 exercises, over 13 lectures on theories, practice, and context overview, not just the how, but why.

This series of exercises includes:

  • Relaxing Tendons, Opening Joints
  • Yin Yang Accu-point Slapping Qigong
  • Tornado Power Core Drills
  • Circle Walking Qigong and cooling off exercises

These exercises are excellent for helping you develop and improve your body mechanics, and generate more power, while moving more gracefully, in any other style of martial arts you practice. The Circle Walking Qigong has phenomenal healing power and leads directly to deep states of meditation and concentration.

I first learned these exercises in Beijing in 1994 and have found them to be of immense therapeutic value for myself and many students. In addition, these drills allowed me to refine my body mechanics to new levels, enhancing both my speed and power in the execution of self defense techniques.
My approach to studying and practice includes clear analysis of the deep anatomy, and precise movement of each part of the body, careful attention to posture or structure, understanding sequencing, and linking the different parts of the body to create synergy. Each movement has an aesthetic element, and an intention with the mind and feeling that are linked. It takes practice, over time, to understand these details by observing the practical, and felt transformation of your body. Teaching these movements, and prescribing them therapeutically for decades, has also helped me to deepen both my understanding of their action on the body, and how to explain them simply and clearly.

Learning and mastering, the ancient, yet practical, wisdom embodied in this unique method of physical culture is an incredible gift of longevity, ability, and power to give yourself.
I hope you will be able to join me, and the other coaches, and eager students, as we explore and seize the heart of Ba Gua Zhang.

Method of Learning and Practice

  • Weekly Lessons – Each week there will be new lessons
  • Cohort – Everyone starts together and progresses together to graduation.
  • Training Partner – Everyone gets a training partner or picks one to support in practice.
  • Course Leader – Everyone receives personal help and support from their course leader.
  • Ask Sifu – Everyone can ask Sifu questions and learn even more.
  • 3 Scheduled Live Q and A with Sifu Jensen

Success Stories

I came to study Martial Arts with Scott Jensen to heal a severe injury. I had been on heavy painkillers and had many neurological problems along with chronic pain and had what they call “Thorasic Outlet Syndrome”. I was also disabled from my previous occupation. I was recommended by my chiropractor who said “The Only thing I know of that might heal you is training Ba Gua with Scott Jensen. You need to learn new ways to use and move your upper body”.

I began slowly and within several weeks the pain and numbness in my hands and arms and shoulders began to dissipate. Today I am without any pain or numbness unless I exacerbate my old injury. I can now say I don’t need any more painkillers! I don’t even have to see the chiropractor anymore. My neurologist said when he saw me a few years after my initial evaluation “The only thing I can offer you is pain control. About 85% of my patients with your problem are on heavy pain medications and it gets worse. Whatever you are doing you’d better continue since I have not seen anyone recover in this way.”

Not only was I out of pain and numbness but I had improved my overall health, flexibility and quality of life!!. I can’t thank Scott enough for my turnaround. This of course took time and patience to begin to integrate all that I had learned into a daily practice. I can’t thank Scott enough for giving me the tools to heal my body. Scott is able to modify your workout based on your abilities or injury and is able to guide you gently to avoid re-injury. His classes expand your abilities to stand and move with proper alignment preventing future injuries! I recommend anyone who wants to feel energized and begin to improve their flexibility, balance and heal their body join Scott’s Classes – Jackie T

I started training with Sifu in Bagua Zhang after watching Jackie and Rachel working on circle walking at Boyd park. The simple movement of it as well as the compact nature immediately enticed me to ask more about it and to start researching it on my own. I can say that it has been one of the most profound practices of my life. The mindfulness and attention required to do it correctly is not obvious until you really spend time with it, but the transformation is incredible. It has helped my posture, my focus and my movement. Several times it has been commented that i “float” along even on difficult hikes and i am sure a large part of that is down to the training.

The martial forms are also wonderful for teaching you to flow from 1 movement to the next unlike any other martial art i have seen. It truly is a treasure that rewards greatly if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

I would love to hear how Bagua has helped others too. – Henry Geedes

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