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Baguazhang Course level one lessons have all been released. Learn the 8th palm of Baguazhang, the Millstone Pushing Palm. This palm is great for strengthening your ribs, opening up your shoulders, and massaging your internal organs. Plus, energize and build up endurance with a 32-minute Tornado Core body conditioning workout! Immerse yourself in the core principles of Concentration, Breath, and Movement, a profound concept that enhances your martial art practice. Delve into the art of Circle Walking, exploring its deep significance and benefits. Then, enjoy a 9-minute Circle Walking session, perfect for both a workout and meditation, as you put these principles into practice. Build up your inner wisdom as you refine and build up your practice. Explore the Baguazhang principles Penetrating the Heart of Baguazhang lesson, condition your body with a new 34-minute Tornado Core workout in Marin, and find serenity and focus in a new 15-minute Circle Walking workout and meditation.

New course coming up – Yi Jin Jing Qigong!!

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