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Discovery Museum Performances 2020 Marin Chinese Cultural Association.

By February 26, 2020August 15th, 2021Events and Classes

Discovery Day Performances 2020 Marin Chinese Cultural Association.

Feb 17, Ten Thousand Victories was proud to showcase Kung Fu at the MCCA’s Lunar New Year Festival at the Bay Area Discovery! It was a breezy blue day filled with birdsong, drumbeats, sweet and savory aromas, and throngs of smiling faces. Not to mention what we all came for:

Incredible and athletic Kung Fu!

Our younger students plucked up their courage to demonstrate Kung Fu Animal Power: low and high kicks and dynamic strikes that come from this classical Chinese martial art. After splitting off into groups they treated us to two hard-hitting hand-forms: Lian Bu (or Linking Steps) and Duan Da (Short Striking). Special thanks to all of our younger performers, and their families: Issac Moss, Jessie Mcall, Floyd Mcall, Solomon Wood, Dylan O’ward, Louie Mieneof, Charlie Obedzinski, Romy Becker, Aerin Alex Martinez, and Leo Beare.

Then out came staff, spear, and sword! Alex sparked off a rapidfire Staff-vs-Staff opposite Joseph Vigneri, and Leo did a stunning solo performance of Plum Blossom Spear.

Thank you also to our adult performers: Henry Geddes, Joseph Vigneri, and Connor Jensen. Henry demonstrated the force of his punches in Ba Shi, a form that comes from Xing Yi Quan (Form and Will Boxing). Connor performed Shaolin #1, which is famous for testing endurance with its cascade of expert kicks. And at the end, Joseph returned to wow the crowd with Eight Immortals Straight Sword.

Our booth at the festival was made lively with impromptu Kung Fu demonstrations, rows of beautiful Chinese swords for onlookers to admire, and the performers’ cheerful openness to answer any questions that came up about the martial arts we practice.

Throughout the festival, Sean Lim did an excellent job capturing this exhilarating day on camera.

Our gratitude also goes out to Amy Jonak, for emceeing the performance beautifully and helping us share Kung Fu with more people! And sincere thanks to Denise Wear, the President of the MCCA, for making this day possible.



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