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Earth Dragon Staff at Secret Location!








On July 21st 2019 10,000 Victories students, friends, and Sifu Scott Jensen practiced the Northern Shaolin Earth Dragon Staff Form at a secret location on the top on Mount Tamalpais. On the peak, we looked down on fog covered valleys to see San Francisco’s financial district slowly engulfed in white waves. Sunny and bright we practiced vigorously for three hours. The last 45 minutes were devoted to partner practice. Believe me when I say we all were a little more bouncy before three hours of Earth Dragon staff stance training. Everyone had a great time especially when we started clacking staves and the air filled with the smell of burnt rattan. We hope you can join us for more at our next Earth Dragon Staff Day on August 11th at Battery Mendel in the Marin Headlands another one of our secret locations!


Northern Shaolin

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