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Earth Dragon Staff Day


What a beautiful day it was! We got lucky with the weather this time. Temperature was about 74 degrees. A gentle breeze. Absolutely clear air for miles around. Somedays Slacker Hill can be super cold and windy. If it was we would have practiced anyway. But, it wasn’t great staff workout and Fun. We practiced Earth Dragon Staff for two hours and I taught everyone as many moves as they could possibly remember. Then we all practiced staff versus staff sparring form for the last hour. Again everyone learned as many moves as they could remember and we all happy and tired at the end. What a great training session and seminar!

We missed you! Hope you can make it next time!



Northern Shaolin

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Our next Earth Dragon Staff Day will be on October 6th. This will be at another one of my secret locations Kirby Cove. Make sure you can join us! Save the date, register, and learn awesome staff moves and get a great workout.

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