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Fall Health Tips to Keep you Healthy

It is now possible to get a free flu shot and also receive a discount on groceries.  Who wants to get the flu and pay more for food?  Nobody….

My patients are often curious if I get a yearly flu shot.  I do not, but I use my knowledge as an acupuncturist to keep my immune system strong. In this article I will share some of my Fall Health tips with you! If I become sick, I utilize Chinese herbs to lessen the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness. I treat many patients who have a history of repeatedly getting sick or having a lingering illness. Their immune system is weakened and needs strengthening.

So how do we best preserve a robust immune system and limit the severity of cold and flu symptoms?
Keep the body well nourished and avoid overtaxing the body’s systems.

yijinjing-muscle-tendon-changing-qigong-sifu-scott-jensen-san-rafael-10000-victories-Rachel Jensen-2We derive our energy and nourishment from the air we breathe combining with the food that we eat.  Deep belly breathing in meditation or Qi Gong combined with proper nutrition provides the root of good health. Warming soups and stews are most appropriate during the cold weather seasons.  Roasted root vegetables are grounding, nourishing, perfect for winter. My favored herbal formulas for immune boosting contain astragalus, cordyceps, and fang feng root.

Avoid Excessive Strain

The body is put under a lot of strain when it has to compensate for large swings from its balanced state (homeostasis).  This can happen when we tax the body with overindulgence of alcohol and sugar; emotional stress that keeps the nervous system in a heightened state; and working excessively without taking breaks.  Energy is diverted from the immune system to bring the body back into homeostasis.

Children’s immune systems are less developed than an adult’s but that does not mean they should be regularly getting colds and flus.  The best way to support a child’s immune system is to encourage a varied diet with limited amounts of sugar and maintain a regular sleep schedule.  When a child is sick, symptoms of excess phlegm will improve with the complete elimination of dairy and orange juice. Almonds, seaweed, and pears are great for reducing mucus and supporting the lungs. You may also vigorously massage your child’s upper back between the spine and scapula to help improve the circulation and help the immune system expel the illness.

Get a Good Nights Sleep!

Kid on sleeping bed, happy bedtime in white bedroom

During sleep, the body goes into a nourishing state, replenishing and restoring after all of the demands of the day.  Everyone benefits from getting adequate rest.  Keep that at the top of your list and your immune system will thank you.

Kenji Hirabayashi, Licensed Acupuncturist –

Co-founder and Practitioner of Marin Family Acupuncture at 908 E St.  San Rafael, CA.

He’s also a family doctor for the Jensens’.  He can be reached at 415-608-5890.

Kenji: I love attending the 10,000 Victories class ‘Muscle Tendon Changing Qi Gong’ to balance my trail running and mountain biking.






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