Fires in the Sky

By September 9, 2020Events

The fires started a couple of weeks ago are still going in California. Today in the San Francisco Bay area, we are witnessing something rather unusual. The sky is orange. It feels like “nighttime” even though it’s already noon.… the poor air quality has affected us all. A lot of us are feeling unsettled from a series of “surprises” since the beginning of 2020.

Yes, the pandemic is upsetting, the fires are upsetting, the smoke and poor air quality is upsetting, not being able to see the sun today is upsetting, our regular routines are messed up is upsetting!! With so many unwelcome surprises, I ask: how do we go beyond and find joy in this mess?

How do we transcend and go beyond? I don’t have an answer for you with this question. But, the following quote I am going to share with you, hopefully, will give you some inspiration. This quote is from an Indian guru called Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj –

There is no greater miracle than “I” am experiencing the world.

What is this “I” you choose to experience the world? Only YOU can answer this question.

I am grateful to be alive and healthy. And I am grateful for our loving families and community.

The featured image is from CNBC News

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