Fu Shu Yun – Cute Girl or Extraordinary Ancient Lineage Master?

Fu Shu Yun – Cute Girl or Extraordinary Ancient Lineage Master?

Maybe Both!!!

Fu Shu Yun represented China at the 1936 Olympics and demonstrated her classical martial skills with other members of the delegation exposing the wonderful lineage arts of China to the world for the first time. Fu Shu Yun magnificently embodies the classic skill of combining strength and flexibility creating true grace.

Today we have a written interview (Read her interview article at the bottom of this post) with her and several videos. Learn a little about the Wude or “Martial Virtue” of our classical lineage arts and the profound benefits of their lifelong practice.

In these two videos Fu Shu Yun shows some of her outstanding Xing Yi Quan. In the first she shows her 5 Elements and Dragon and Tiger. In the second Fu shows her other animals. Her Xing Yi Quan is excellent and makes most modern videos posted of Xing Yi Quan look amateurish, clumsy, and garish by comparison. Note Fu Shu Yun’s upright posture and strong core. Note how Fu actually sinks her Qi in San Ti Shir and the timing and gesture as she extends her palm. She properly gathers her Qi, centers herself, focuses her mind, and sinks into the ground. Many current practitioners lean forward placing their faces within easy striking distance. When I see these leaning practitioners with face, nose, eyes, and throat bared for their opponents strikes I just cringe. It is obvious these practitioners have no sparring experience or practical self-defense skills. Note her Dragon stance and Dragon Leaps, not bad for young lass in her 70’s…. (5:00 + in the first video)

Xing Yi Quan part 1

Xing Yi Quan Part 2

Smooth as silk, Fu masterfully performs Dragon Ba Gua Zhang.

You can also see Fu Shu Yun’s ability to express real power in this demo of the art of Bajiquan -“8 Powers Boxing”. I love how she moves. Don’t think the guys are the only ones with the good Kung Fu, she is as good as they get. If you think you are going to snatch her granddaughter at the park, I think you’d be lucky to wake up in a hospital.

Fu Shu Yun’s performances are better than most senior masters today. In the 1990s, if you were indeed fortunate, you could find practitioners like her. Today I am not sure they exist. Modern Wushu does not produce this result only the classical lineage arts do. My teachers in this period were incredible. I wish I had met her! Simply, outstanding body method. Longevity combining ability, health, cheerfulness, and wisdom.

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