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Happy Holidays Podcast 2019 Thank You! Gift of Qigong Instruction

Thank you to everyone for being our students and fans! We love you and wish the best to each and everyone in this joyous time of year!

This Holiday season we have a gift in the podcast released tomorrow. This gift is the full instructions for doing Post Standing Qigong exactly as I teach it in my Tai Chi And Qigong classes. Find the Podcast here:

In this episode I share the verbal instructions on Post Standing Qigong, a wonderful, healing, breathing exercise and meditation, I frequently practice and teach. I use these instructions to lead this exercise in class, and teach my students to perform at home. This exercise is perfect for total beginners. It is also a great place to begin if you are recovering from an injury or illness. Post Standing can also help if you are subject to the stress and tension so common in our modern world. Post Standing Qigong requires a minimum amount of space and no equipment. You can practice this Qigong as long as you wish. It is truly a simple and safe method that yields great results. Not quick results but slow drop by drop results that add up gradually to deep change. The instructions given in this podcast will help you to establish a good practice method. You can practice as long as you desire and you have enough strength. I encourage you to listen to my previous episodes about qigong particularly:

Episode #10 “Protecting Your Qi”

Episode #8 “What is Qigong?”

**New Classes Coming Soon!**

San Rafael Community Center – New classes starting January 6th, 2020! Registrations are now open. See below for Registration links. If your app., such as Spotify, does not show active links, contact San Rafael Community Center at (415) 485-3333, 618 B St. San Rafael, CA

[Registration Link for Qi Gong] [Registration Link for Tai Chi] [Registration Link for Tai Chi Sword]

New Tai Chi Classes Beginning at Strawberry Recreation, 118 E. Strawberry Dr., Mill Valley, CA. – FIRST TAI CHI CLASS ON JANUARY 9TH IS FREE.

Brand New Tai Chi class starts Thursday 8:30 9:30 AM January 9th, 2020. This is a stunning new location for our classes!! The Strawberry Recreation facility is gorgeous. The main room we will practice in is certainly one of the most beautiful in Marin. We will also be teaching other Qigong, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Stunt Team, and Animal Power classes with these wonderful folks. Strawberry Recreation Center is creating a new website and some new programs including our Tai Chi and Qigong programs. THE FIRST CLASS ON JANUARY 9TH IS FREE. Registration contact Jacqueline, (415)-383-6494, to sign up for the **free class** on 1/9/2020 or email her at [] (since they are building a new website there is no online shopping cart setup yet etc.) OR JUST SHOW UP AND HAVE FUN!!!

For more information on Qigong in general and our other ongoing classes you can [visit this page].

New Qigong Book Coming Early 2020!

We will be publishing an updated version of my book about Qigong, “Qigong for Health” available on Amazon with many exercises profusely illustrated in the future. The current edition provides a clear explanation of the nature of Qigong, but does not contain exercises. It does have many beautiful photos and brush calligraphy by Rachel Jensen. Read it here:Meditation background music by Ila Cantor. Find out about her music here


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