Individualized Online Instruction and Lessons are on the Way!!!

Rachel and I are working on quickly organizing some great online programs for everyone featuring individualized online instruction and lessons. In particular we are going to go down the roster of our students and give each an individual lesson. In some cases with a few people near the same level I will make one for the small group. I pretty much remember where everyone is in learning their forms. I’m not planning on doing a full class for each person. Instead we are going to give everyone the next steps, or moves they need, and give them some homework ideas to practice. This way everyone can keep moving forward and progress in learning even though we can’t gather at this time.

Hopefully, we can kick start our forum with everyone getting a membership, login, password and profile. I know most of you ran in fear, quailed in terror, or fainted at the idea of yet another account setup!!! I know I did just writing that and it is my idea. However, with just a little effort, I think we can create something really fun, and supportive, that we will all enjoy and benefit from. River has kindly volunteered to help out as a moderator and contributor.

We’ll have more group chats soon for socializing. We’re also setting up the capacity to live stream and let everyone follow along with out the full chat room setup.

I encourage everyone to view the current situation as an opportunity to refocus your training and do some more fundamental and foundation training.

So far, we have shot lessons on Tai Chi for, Julie, Joe and Jakob, Tai Chi Sword and Weeping Willow Sword for our sword team. New Liu He for Adam B, new lesson on snake for Xing Yi Team, new saber class for Leo Beare, and lots of qigong content. More coming soon. These lessons will be posted in our forum. River is going to be our forum moderator and assistant. We are busy sorting your lessons out now. The video is high quality and will look good on a tv or good monitor.  See ya soon!


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