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Kisu Stars carries the Northern Shaolin banner forward for his teacher, Grandmaster Ken Hui and his own Harmonious Fist School. Kisu Stars has proven to be a good friend to me, Sifu Jensen, and 10,000 Victories School, on countless occasions sharing our love of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Full time professional teachers of classical combat oriented martial arts are rare in the modern world. Kisu Stars is one of those rare individuals who has dedicated his life to training Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and penetrating to the heart of its mysteries under the guidance of his teacher, Ken Hui. In addition to learning and practicing Northern Shaolin until it became second nature, Kisu Stars has taken consistent effort spanning decades to promote and teach Northern Shaolin to everyone he could.

Kisu’s teaching is his most important legacy, but more people are familiar with Kisu as the celebrity martial arts choreographer for the famous Avatar animated TV series. Kisu created all the choreography for the fight scenes and trained the animators in how to represent each style correctly. Kisu Stars was responsible for Northern Shaolin being the martial art of the Fire Nation. Kisu created the awesome choreography using movements taken directly from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu shooting fiery blasts! The Avatar Series has been hugely popular and continues to endure because of the excellent story, characters, and action. As a result, many people came to know that the Fire Benders, including fan favorite Lord Iroh, were masters of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

In addition, to his work on Avatar, Kisu was an original Power Rangers stunt man, and has performed in many other films as a stunt man and martial artist. Kisu Stars was also a top competitor and outstanding performer in countless tournaments on the West Coast and in the greater Los Angeles area. To inspire new people to begin Northern Shaolin nothing beats seeing a fantastic demonstration of skill and then meeting the friendly performer/instructor in person.

In the online world of social media Kisu Stars has also been a great contributor helping to host and moderate the Northern Shaolin Facebook Group.

This is a large group that has been running over ten years and currently has over 7,000 members. After many initial years of effort, I, Sifu Jensen needed some help, and Kisu gallantly jumped into the heart of the Facebook battle and moderated, and moderated, and moderated some more.

Unless you have been a moderator of a large group you have no idea of how much completely irrelevant and annoying stuff people will try to post before you are forced to kick them out. We all really appreciate his huge effort and care to protect and curate our meeting place online. In the process of moderating the Northern Shaolin Facebook group Kisu developed his ambassador of Northern Shaolin skills and helped our community grow. Thank You!

Kisu Stars also has been a great ambassador and leader for Northern Shaolin by supporting numerous Kung Fu tournaments throughout the USA. Kisu Stars is frequently bringing his own team, encouraging others to compete or judge, and serving as a judge himself. Most recently, Kisu Stars attended the Phoenix Wushu Nationals and was a fantastic guide and friend who introduced me to so many new people I can barely remember them all. He really helped me feel welcomed as I began a great day of judging. Most important though was his encouragement to show and support the event.

Sending a big shout out to Kisu Stars – Thank you for all you do!

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