Kung Fu Medicine Course – Medicine Classes Dates Update

Kung Fu Medicine Course – Medicine Classes Dates Update

Dear Gong Fu Medicine Course students, 

Currently we have only a few opening spots left. If you wish to take this course, contact Rachel NOW! 415-455-9467 or email rachel@10000victories.com

The six course dates are: 

Seminar Topics: 

February 18 – Philosophy of Tai Chi, Five Elements, Six Harmonies, Body Clock, Types of Qi, 3 Substances (Jing, Qi, Shen), Healing, Being a Healer, Concentration, Meditation, Intention, Grounding, Centering, Presence, Relationship. You will also learn about the relationship between Qi And Blood, and how to strengthen and cultivate your Qi. In addition, you will begin learning how to help others, without hurting yourself, by understanding your body alignment, and sequencing of movement during treatment. We’ll learn and practice the foundation strokes of Tui Na, or Chinese therapeutic massage. Learning these fundamental skills will give you the ability to immediately begin helping others. You will also learn the “Crouching Tiger” sequence of body strengthening drills. The 12 exercises in this sequence use the exact hand positions in the Tui Na Back Sequence. Crouching Tiger Drills coordinate your breathing, whole body generation of relaxed power, structure, and sequencing of your arm movements from deep in your spine and back to your finger tips.  

March 18 – Tui Na Back Sequence – The Tui Na Back sequence is a profound series of techniques to relax the muscles of the back and spine, soothe the tendons, open the joints, increase the suppleness of the spine, rebalance the back, harmonize the Blood and Qi, and rehabilitate the spine. This sequence comprises a variety of techniques done in sequence to systematically open, balance, and heal the entire spine and back. The “Crouching Tiger” exercises provide excellent preparation to successfully perform these techniques. 

April 15 – Tui Na Leg Sequence – The Leg sequence can be performed either after the Back Sequence or all by itself. This sequence has many practical skills and techniques that can also be used individually as needed. Most manual therapeutic modalities focus on the head, neck, shoulders and back. Many modalities shy away from treating the legs systematically. Learning how to properly treat injuries, and common conditions, of the legs will be one of the most practical and helpful things you’ll learn in this course. After this seminar you will have immediate tools, and emerging new skills, to treat your friends and families legs. For athletes having deep tension, or scar tissue, systematically healed, released, and rebalanced can be career changing. For martial artists who do intense leg strengthening, and frequent highly, dynamic leg movements these techniques are a blessing.   

May 6 – Tui Na Arm Sequence – The Arm sequence treats the origin of the arm under the shoulder blade, and close to spine, all the way down the arms to the finger tips. This sequence is absolutely amazing for healing all types of shoulder injuries. This includes frozen, fascia, scar tissue bound shoulders and many types of misalignment. You will also learn excellent techniques for treating the hands, wrists, and elbows. These techniques include opening, rebalancing, and realigning the structure of the wrist and hand.  

June 10 – Gong Fu Traumatology – Learn how to treat all the common injuries that occur in martial arts and sports. This includes bruises, sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. We’ll focus on the practical preparation of herbal lineaments, and poultices along with their proper application. The formulas you will learn in this class were carefully guarded secrets in the past. Learning how to quickly and successfully treat each of these ailments or injuries will give you confidence in teaching, and build your students trust in you. By using poultices and herbs in combination with massage therapy you can dramatically reduce healing times.  

July 15 – Comprehensive Review and Examination – In this seminar we will review the entire body sequence, and complete both a practical, and a written examination.  

Currently Enrolled Student Rate: $180 each seminar, $1,080 for the entire course

Others: $200 each seminar, $1,200 for the entire course


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  • Laila says:


    Is it too late to sign up for the Gong Fu Medicine Program?

    • Hi Laila,
      It is not too late to sign up for the Gong Fu medicine course we are offering in September. I am not done setting up the shopping cart items yet. So you are actually a little early! Thank you for your interest we are looking forward to running the course.

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