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Study the Liang Zhen Pu Style of Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Li Zi Ming. This course provides the core and foundation of Ba Gua Zhang including exercises to develop the body method, prepare the joints, tendons, muscles, and bones, teach effective self-defense, and learn the unique and essential circular footwork. The Ba Gua Zhang exercises taught in this course have high therapeutic value for all conditions related to the muscular skeletal system. They also are superb at bilaterally balancing the body and positively stimulating the sensory and nervous systems.

Last week we released Week 20 of the course, Understand the extraordinary Tornado Power within Baguazhang. Learn the Circle Walking of Yin Yang Fish Palm, and elevate your practice. And join Sifu Jensen for another exhilarating Baguazhang workout session to rejuvenate your body and pump up your energy levels!

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