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Maui Qi Fest

10,000 Victories will present Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Xing Yi Quan at the 2015 Maui Qi Fest in Hawaii on June 26 – 30. This exciting event features Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Push Hands, Kung Fu, dance, as well as fun outdoor activities, exciting shows every night and fun for families and people of all ages. Held at YMCA Camp Keane on the stunning jungle side of Maui where you will easily renew your mind and body.

Fun For the Whole Family!

Fun for the entire family, kung fu,In addition to Kung Fu and Tai Chi, there will also be yoga, dance, incredible hiking, waterfalls, black sand beaches, lots of outdoor activities and fun for everyone! Free local tourism consultation. Both kids and adults of all levels will have a great time learning traditional Northern Shaolin and Xing Yi in paradise.

Leap into Kung Fu – Unleash Your Animal Power!

Children Ages 5 + (including Parents and Beginning Adults) will study Kung Fu Animal Power with six different lessons teaching six different animals. In addition, they will also learn Tan Tui and Earth Dragon Staff.  Finally, kids will challenge themselves with exciting Kung Fu obstacle courses! Taught by instructor Joseph Vigneri.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu – Level Up to Pure Awesomeness!

Students with previous martial arts experience will learn Northern Shaolin #6, “Short Striking” (if new to Northern Shaolin), and other Northern Shaolin forms if they are more advanced. Everyone will also learn Dragon Phoenix Sword and the Chin Na Sparring Form. Taught by Sifu Jensen.

Xing Yi Quan – Form and Will Boxing

Cultivate your inner strength, build the Qi of your internal organs and learn practical self defense Dragon Phoenix Sword, Kung Fuwith powerful punching skills. The professional martial art of Xing Yi Quan yields all the health benefits of Tai Chi, and real fighting ability without requiring the high kicking, leaping, and flexibility of Shaolin. Students will learn the Five Elements, Create Destroy Sparring Form and the Connecting Links Form. In addition, Xing Yi Students will also be able to choose either Earth Dragon Staff or Dragon Phoenix Sword, and practice the Chin Na Sparring Form. Taught by Sifu Jensen.


$750 per person includes room and board, all the classes listed above, one free massage, plus nightly shows and many other classes and seminars on other topics like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, dance, etc.

Make check payable to 10,000 Victories Kung Fu

Mailing address: 5 Dolores St., San Rafael, CA 94901

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