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Nepal is one of the most colorful and exotic places I’ve ever been. Not only because of its rich Buddhist culture, but you see vibrant colors almost everywhere you go!

Our Nepal trip definitely has made a strong imprint for Scott and I. Lots of spiritual stimulation and cultural emersion. Big thanks to our beloved Lama La, Chongwol La, Lopon La, Geshe La and the monks at the Manjushri Monastery, for making our trip so magical, inspiring and fun.

These photos are taken at various places in Nepal. I hope these pictures “tell” you some stories of our adventures in Nepal. Be sure to go all the way to the end of this post!

Pictures on the right: Beautiful Stupas and Prayer Wheels you see everywhere at temples and monasteries. These are at Swambhunath in Kathmandu.

We happened to be here on the Full Moon Festival, walking up the mountain on the 365 steps of stairs to Swambhunath with tons of locals. How energizing with all the colors!

The beautiful Golden Temple at Lalitpur

Lalitpur is a charming city. We had a delicious vegetarian lunch at a local restaurant here. This restaurant was advertising this wild idea of “Cone Pizza – Like Never Before”. And I was thinking, hummm, yes, like never before…probably will be the last….and I just love the colors of the fruits…way to display!

Beautiful statues in display!

The magnificent Kopan Monastery

The energizing Vajrayogini Temple

The country region of Pharping Valley

Last but not least! Big Thank You to all our students for supporting this trip with a thoughtful and generous Welcome Back gift and card!

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