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New Lian Bu Quan DVD released by 10,000 Victories Productions

Lian Bu Quan DVD – Connecting Steps Boxing – available in our store!

Lian Bu is a perfect place to begin learning traditional self defense oriented Kung Fu.  Lian Bu is a famous foundation form used throughout Northern China to train new students.  Lian Bu will help you build strong legs, and firm steps as you learn how to use your whole body to power its fierce strikes.

Because Lian Bu is short, easy to learn, filled with practical, powerful techniques anyone can master, it is currently used by both military units and police forces for basic training.

This program features:

Clear performances detail every movement, including multiple views of each sequence.  For each movement you have a clear narrated lesson of the front view and at least one side view or rear view.  These slow careful clear demonstrations from multiple angles make it easy to see the movements and follow them yourself.

Clear instructions make it easy for the complete beginner to succeed.  Each demonstration is clearly explained by Shifu Jensen exactly as if you were standing there next to him following along yourself in a private lesson.

Tips on learning and encouragement to help you progress rapidly.  I addition, to the regular chapters teaching the form there are more narrative chapters providing additional training insights and encouragement.

Shifu (Master/Teacher) Scott Jensen is one of the leading authorities on the style of Northern Shaolin under legendary Grandmaster Wong Jackman.   With 35 years of experience in San Francisco, China and Taiwan, Shifu Jensen has the experience and knowledge to help you progress and become a master yourself.

You can purchase your own copy here!


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