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We are delighted to announce group Classes in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Animal Power are now being offered by Sifu Joseph Vigneri through his new School Human Animal Kung Fu. Located in the San Geronimo Community Center, in San Geronimo, classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

Extreme physical exhaustion and intense muscle soreness have been reported by many recent attendees whose physiques have been weakened by inactivity during the pandemic. We know you want the intense hard training that forges champions and Sifu Vigneri is dishing it out. Class also includes sparring and push hands to make sure your claws are sharp and ready. Of course, you will learn authentic Northern Shaolin from the Wong Jackman Lineage.

I don’t know what Sifu Vigneri is charging, but I humbly suggest you insist on paying him more than he is requesting and beg him to kick your gluteus maximus back into shape. Contact: 415-259-9379

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