Northern Shaolin Earth Dragon Staff October 6th

By September 27, 2019Events
Sifu Scott Jensen practicing Northern Shaolin spear

Northern Shaolin Earth Dragon Staff Day – October 6th

Join us for the October Earth Dragon Staff Training at another one of our secret locations: Kirby Cove!

This is one of the best of the best secret training locations. No one remembers the Men In Black’s extensive live fire training exercises conducted here, for obvious reasons. Your chances of remembering vast amounts of Northern Shaolin Gung Fu Earth Dragon Staff are much higher!

Flat large concrete surfaces on top of enormous fortifications or dirt training areas. Directly under and in front of the Golden Gate Bridge!! A truly epic location for training!!

Restrooms and Drinking water available. Hike in and Hike out. Bring Snacks along, leave snakes at home. Wear your Ray Bans, synchronize your watches, and be there.

If you make it to this seminar I will teach you the Earth Dragon Staff form as fast as you can learn it and you will also learn the Staff versus Staff form! This is a great workout for the entire body.

Meet at the gate at 1:45PM and hike down together.  At the door CASH only 

If you are currently enrolled student you can use this link to register and save $20. Price is normally $60, currently enrolled students price is $40.

Non-Enrolled Students register here. 


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