“Pearls of Wisdom” – a Kung Fu Action 360 Video

This fun Kung Fu Action 360 Video is directed and shot by our young and talented film maker, Sean Lim. Actors: Sifu Scott Jensen and Connor Jensen. Keep moving the cursor around on the video screen in 360 (keep moving to the right or left or up and down) to view the whole story in action! It’s pretty fun!

Another super fun way to experience this video is to view it full screen with your smart phone in Landscape mode and hold it up in the air. This enables the screen to move in 360. You can then follow the actor’s movement directions, right  or left, up or down. Many angles and ways you can view this video. Make sure you don’t miss any actions in this film! Have fun!

The action features a modified Gao Family Swimming Dragon Ba Gua Zhang Pre Heaven 4th Palm and parts of the Northern Shaolin Sparring Form.

Pearls of Wisdom – 360 Kung Fu Project from 10,000 Victories on Vimeo.

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