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Episode #40 The Secret Lessons of the Tiger in Classical Kung Fu and Tai Chi

In this podcast episode we look at the secret lessons of the Tiger and some of the amazing qualities of the Tiger. Different styles of Classical Combat oriented Kung Fu and Tai Chi learn different lessons from tigers and admire different traits. I this lesson I talk about the symbolism of the Tiger and the Lessons the Tiger teaches in Shaolin Kung Fu, in Xing Yi Quan, and in Tai Chi.

In Kung Fu Animal Power: The Tiger, we learn the Tiger’s virtue of being Dynamic and doing our 100% best. In Animal Power, the Tiger teaches explosive power and double palm pushes. We discuss how the humble Push can be a highly effective self defense technique. During the 6 week Kung Fu Animal Power: The Tiger Course everyone learns a the secret push up and core strength training of classical combat oriented Kung Fu that develops your breathing method and links it to all of your bodies core movements. Keep your ears open for when this class will begin!

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Information about Northern Style of Shaolin Kung Fu is found Here.

Information about Xing Yi Quan is found here.

Information about Sifu Scott Jensen is found here

Information about Kung Fu Animal Power (new page coming soon!)

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Here is a link to the Tiger Fu Book an essential read for Kung Fu Animal Power: The Tiger Course

Register for the Kung Fu Animal Power: The Tiger Online Course

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