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Hosted by David Wei of Wudang West, this captivating discussion brings together Sifu Scott Jensen of 10,000 Victories, the direct successor and lineage holder of the renowned Grandmaster Wong Jackman’s Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system, and the esteemed Northern Shaolin Sifu, Kisu Stars of the Harmonious Fist School, responsible for the fight choreography in Avatar – The Last Airbender.

These Kung Fu masters share their invaluable wisdom and experiences upholding the authentic teachings of this ancient Chinese martial art. They delve into the challenges of maintaining lineage integrity, the sacrifices required for true mastery, and the importance of cultivating a deep student-teacher relationship rooted in respect and dedication. With Jensen’s direct link to Grandmaster Wong Jackman, Kisu’s expertise in choreographing iconic martial arts scenes, and Wei’s skillful moderation, this video offers a rare glimpse into the heart of the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system. It dispels myths while emphasizing the enduring values that have sustained this profound tradition. Whether a practitioner, scholar, or martial arts admirer, this enlightening exchange promises to inspire your journey towards harmoniously cultivating mind, body, and spirit.


  • Carol+Mirenda says:

    I enjoyed this interview with Sifu Jensen and Sifu Kisu. Thanks to both of you for sharing your tremendous knowledge and personal experiences. Thank you, David Wei, for hosting this meeting. I realize that what was said only scratched to surface of what you all have to share. Looking forward to hearing more. Xièxiè.

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