“Qi Gong – The Art of Breath and Energy” – New Edition Coming Soon!

By March 4, 2020books, Qi Gong

“Qi Gong – The Art of Breath and Energy” Progress Report

This year the 10,000 Victories Team grew and we shifted our focus to publishing books and video programs to support and expand our instructional programs. Rachel and I are focused on our first book of the year, our new edition of our Qigong Book. Last year we took photos of all the exercises and postures in our curriculum over a period of months. Now Rachel has done a rough edit and graphic design layout with them. Looking them over I became inspired on Friday and wrote more than 5,000 words of new text. I have several more chapters of content coming soon beyond those I just wrote. We are adding photos to illustrate and help teach all of the postures and movements of  our Qigong program. We will adding lavish illustrations for the following Qigong methods in “Qi Gong – The Art of Breath and Energy”:

  1.  Relaxing Tendons, Opening Joints Qigong
  2.  Post Standing Qigong
  3. Pre-Birth Qigong
  4.  Swimming Dragon Qigong
  5.  5 Elements Qigong
  6.  Cooling Off Exercises for Calming, Gathering and Absorbing (from the “Yijinjing, or Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qigong”, to be published later)

These exercises are fantastic for building your health. They are great if you are rebuilding your health, recovering from injuries, or strengthening your immune system to prevent illness. The Qigong taught in this book perfectly mirrors and supports what we teach in our local classes. If you are one of our local students in class this book will be a fantastic tool to support your progress in class.

Rachel did a fantastic job with the photography and we had a grand time shooting these photos. We are adding a large number of beauty shots on location throughout Marin County and also Maui and Taiwan! We hope everyone finds this book helpful and a pleasure to read and look at.

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