Rising Block Spear Video Program Nearing Completion

Rising Block Spear Video Program Nearing Completion.

Only a few narratives and final editing left to be done now! Stunning cover be Hasan Sume will be previewed soon!

Northern Shaolin Style of Kung Fu

Rising Block Spear comes from the Northern Shaolin system taught by Sifu Wong Jackman. Rising Block Spear has many dramatic movements, like tossing the spear behind the back and forward over your shoulder and then catching it with same hand!  Or performing Tornado, or Swallow kicks with the spear in one hand thrusting in the opposite direction of the kick. These difficult techniques are modified for beginners learning the form. If the advanced student has the athleticism to handle it, this form is awesome to demonstrate.

Northern Shaolin Grandmaster Ku Yu Jeong was famous for performing this form at public demonstrations.  Grandmaster Ku Yu Jeong was also acclaimed as the greatest master of Iron Palm of all time.

The Rising Block Spear is particularly noteworthy because of its extensive use of the Rising Block. Which is simultaneously used for defending oneself and creating an opening in the opponent’s defense. The Rising Block Spear, although from Northern Shaolin, has some sections reminiscent of Xing Yi Quan because of their linear attacking strategy.

Stunning Cinematography!

The new Rising Block Spear Video Program nearing completion features very clear demonstrations of each technique performed on the College of Marin’s main stage from three different directions. Scott Jensen gives clear instruction in every move. In addition there are high speed performances of each section. These are shot high on Mount Tamalpais overlooking an Ocean of Fog. If you know this form, or wish to learn it, this video program is a must have.

Spear Lore

In addition to the demonstrations and instructions are several narrative chapters covering spear lore and guidance to understand the heart of spear practice and how to build your punching and striking power with spear training. Keep your eye in our new blog for sneak peaks and previews! You can also learn this form in Northern Shaolin classes.

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