Rising Block Spear of Northern Shaolin

Rising Block Spear of Northern Shaolin


The Rising Block Spear of Northern Shaolin was taught by Sifu Wong Jackman.   It is a pure expression of the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Style.  Sifu Wong Jackman taught this form as the first spear form that students would learn.  Usually students learned this form after they had already learned a Staff Form. However the feeling of staff and spear are really different. Rising Block Spear is fast and aggressive.  It is exciting to practice and lots of fun to learn.  You can learn Rising Block Spear in any of our Northern Shaolin classes or on our upcoming Rising Block Spear Video.

Build Your Power and Strength

rising-block-spear-sifu-scott-jensen-san-rafael-10000-victories--4Practicing spear definitely builds your strength and power.  The thrusting movements of the spear use the same movements and muscles as punching so practicing the spear helps build your punching power.  Spear training builds both shoulder and hand strength.  Lots of both! And it will definitely widen your shoulders and develop their flexibility.  Spear practice also helps develop your explosiveness.  Because there are several moves holding the spear with one hand at the end of the spear, your hands, well, your right hand in particular, will get a lot stronger!

Flying Spear!

It has many of dramatic movements like tossing the spear behind the back and forward over the rising-block-spear-sifu-scott-jensen-san-rafael-10000-victories--5shoulder and then catching it with the same hand after taking a long step forward.

Flying Kicks and Spear

Or performing Tornado, or Swallow kicks, with the spear in one hand while thrusting in the opposite direction of the kick. These difficult techniques are modified for beginners learning the form.

If the advanced student has the athleticism to handle it, this form is awesome to demonstrate.

The Rising Block Spear, although from Northern Shaolin, has some sections reminiscent of Xing Yi Quan because of their linear attacking strategy.


The Rising Block Spear is particularly noteworthy because of its extensive use of the Rising Block.

Spear is the King of Weapons. It's long range give the spear a lot of advantages

Which is simultaneously used for defending oneself and creating an opening in the opponent’s defense.

If you would like to learn Northern Shaolin Rising Block Spear join one of our new Northern Shaolin classes or keep your eyes open for our upcoming Northern Shaolin Rising Block Spear instructional video.




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