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Seizing Hands Sparring Form

By August 23, 2016June 15th, 2021Northern Shaolin, Xing Yi Quan

Seizing Hands Sparring Form

The Seizing Hands form, also known as Chin Na Sparring Form, is the one of the best
Chin Na sparring forms ever created. All sparring, or two person, forms are a mock
battle between two partners. Sparring forms are pre-choreographed so each person
knows what the other will do next and each person can defend themselves correctly. All
sparring forms feature a variety of techniques and have a realistic back and forth flow
between the two partners exchanging attack and defense.
The Seizing Hands Sparring Form is unusual because it concentrates on the joint
locking and twisting techniques known as Chin Na. There are about 44 moves per
person in this form and they are mostly all joint locking techniques. This also means
that youʼll be escaping from those locks and techniques and learning how to reverse or
counter them.
They are other moves such as punches, kicks, sweeps, and elbow strikes. However,
these are often used to start the Chin Na move. This means your partner throws a
punch and then they end up in a joint lock. This is more advanced than simply blocking
the technique or even dodging it.
Joint locking techniques are one of the more advanced aspects of Kung Fu and they
can be somewhat dangerous to learn. They are dangerous to learn because if they are
applied wrong you accidentally injure your partner. Therefore forms like this where both
players know what will happen next are helpful to develop awareness and self control.
When you have studied this form it will become almost impossible for the average
person to twist your arm! Even an expert will find it a challenge and you may be able to
easily reverse their technique back on them!!!
One of the best things about training sparring forms like the Seizing Hands Sparring
form is developing triggers. Triggers are a felt learned response to a threatening
situation. This means when you feel the familiar setup to a joint locking technique
happening it triggers your well rehearsed counter, or escape. This means you donʼt
even have to mentally figure it out, or wait until it is well developed. You feel this setup
and you respond with this defense. It works great and this form builds many great
triggers making you well prepared to resist these sorts of attacks. Of course youʼll also
develop the ability to use them yourself offensively.


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