Sifu’s Thoughts on Laird Hamilton’s Interview

By October 13, 2021Health, Kung Fu, Tai Chi

Laird Hamilton is one of the worlds premier surfers and athletes regardless of sport. Still surfing waves up to 60 feet tall in his mid-50’s Hamilton is a personal idol of mine. Recently, people have engaged me in conversation about the immense difficulty of being an NFL quarterback or top pitcher in MLB. My response is the big wave surfers like Hamilton die if they make a mistake, and Hamilton is still a dominant surfer over 50.

I like this interview in particular because Hamilton talks about some of his secrets for training and recovery and attitude. I was delighted to read this article because I have already discovered some of these “secrets” myself and have shared them with others.

Hot – I mean super-hot showers are fantastic for overcoming extreme soreness the next morning and firing up your day. I am not a cold shower person though.

Caffeinated coffee with sugar and heavy cream is a fantastic energy drink for hard training or performing.

I am a big believer in consuming some fat, and butter works really well for me. But I don’t put it in my coffee. I prefer it heavy on the toast.

Taking the hard way. Grinding your way forward with whatever you have got and not taking the easy path. This keeps our minds strong and makes our bodies stronger than resting. Rest and healing all injuries as completely as possible are important.  But not wimping out because of discomfort is a far more important principle for building our longevity and personal power. Life is full of discomfort. I prefer the discomfort of hard practice to the discomfort of weakness, illness, and inability.  Keeping your mind in the game and going for it and not accepting the ideas “I am too Old.” or “I must slow down.” If you have started slowing down, I suggest you change your head around and speed up instead.  Make sure you have enough elevation before you start coasting!

While almost all of us prefer to avoid experiencing the fear of dying on a regular basis that seems to feed a part of Hamilton’s psyche. We can all benefit from playing some competitive martial games to keep ourselves sharp and ensure our power and reflexes stay tuned up.

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