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Tai Chi Comprehensive Online Course Progress Continues

Your industrious team at 10,000 Victories has been rapid progress on filming more great lessons for your new favorite Tai Chi Course!

Recent Shoots!

Core Concept lessons on “Presence”, “Qi, Blood, and Yi or Intention”, “Peng and Sung”. “Balance” overlooking the sparkling waves of the Pacific Ocean from Tennessee Point. These are great lessons about the core concepts of Tai Chi that will help you deepen your practice of Tai Chi.

More Core Concept Lessons on the topics of “Grounding”, “Jing, Chi, And Shen (Body Energy Spirit)”, “Relaxed Readiness” were shot in a Beautiful Redwood Grove.

Dodging Drills are also part of the Tai Chi Online Comprehensive Course as part of the self defense curriculum. In our last shot with Connor Jensen, we shot all of the foundation dodging lessons. This week we shot more advanced dodging drills that train controlling distance and setting up important counter attacks. These drills are safe if both partners are rational, and super fun if no one gets too serious. However, all of these dodging drills can be trained with a high degree of intensity and speed if both you and your partner are ready and agreeable. In addition to learning how to fall and learning how to swim, learning how to dodge well is one of few the skills most likely to save you in a time of danger.

In the next couple of weeks our goal is to complete shooting the remaining lessons on philosophy and lore and getting results how to obtain the health benefits of Tai Chi.

This is the 10,000 victories Team entering the final turn before the home stretch!

We Can Do It!

Go team!


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