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Here is a short Tai Chi practice video clip of Sifu Jensen engaging in a beautiful round of Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This video was shot in 2011 by Rachel Jensen. We were on our way to compete in the 3rd World Internal Martial Arts Championship at Wudang Mountain the birthplace of Tai Chi were I won the Gold Medal for my Yang Style Tai Chi.

In the old days, no foreigner would have ever stood were I was, let alone make a Tai chi practice video here. The Temple of Heaven was  one of the most sacred sites in Imperial China. It was here that the Emperor performed Rituals and sacrifices to appease the Heavenly Jade Emperor, and communicate with the Gods. In a sense the entire structure was like a giant heavenly phone. The feeling of the Divine and any traces of spiritual energy are long gone from this area.

It was a nice day to be out and about in Beijing and we had a pleasant experience shooting this video. In my observation, fewer people were practicing Tai Chi compared to when I visited in the 1990s and early 2000s. Many Tai Chi groups were sort of overrun by groups of rather aggressive “Dancing Grannies”!

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