Tai Chi Tease: Watch Video Trailer!

Sifu Jensen performs Tai Chi near beautiful coastline in Marin County, CA.

Tai Chi Tease: Sneak Peek of the upcoming course

Here we have a tasty little teaser from our Tai Chi program, part of the upcoming 10,000 Victories Online Training Academy. Working with the stunning natural beauty of Marin County we are trying to create a course that is not only informative, and inspiring but visually stunning and evocative as well. All of our footage is shot on professional documentary cameras and audio equipment. When completed these should look good on a large high quality TV and sound good on a good audio system making them perfect to practice with in your living room or family room.

We are rapidly completely the actual filming of our lessons and lectures! Many are now being processed by our cinematographer Sean Lim.

Enjoy these excerpts from 10,000 Victories Tai Chi program!

Tai Chi 

Another beautiful video where you can listen to students talk about how Tai Chi has been meaningful in their lives can be found here.

For a deeper dive into Tai Chi and its health benefits in relation to Chinese medicine, an Ancient Wisdom, Modern Health podcast on this topic can be found here.

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