Teamwork Doesn’t Seem Like Work!

By January 13, 2021Events

Swift Progress is being made by the 10,000 Victories Team to complete the first of our new online courses: “Tai Chi for Health and Happiness – Part One Foundation”.

We have completed shooting all new content and are finishing the lessons and preparing them for your viewing pleasure and edification. We are building a new platform, 10,000 Victories Training Academy. The Training Academy will be filled with all of your favorite Tai Chi and Kung Fu programs, like a Tai Chi and Kung Fu “Netflix”.

Our new Training Academy includes an outstanding live streaming solution. This will allow us to have as many people attend a class, as we want a reliable quality stream and a live chat room. Our new programs will also have a forum built in. These programs are user friendly and super easy to use. The forum will be specific to the 10,000 Victories Training Academy courses and run in parallel to the 10,000 Victories Teahouse.

In this 8 week course student’s goal will be to learn the Ancient Yang Style Long Form first section. Each week there will be two movement lessons, a motivation moment, a body method lesson, a philosophy or lore lesson, and some live practice sessions that you can tune into!

Following close on the heels of this course will be a Part Two with Section Two of the Tai Chi Form and a Part Three with the Third Section of the Tai Chi form. Both courses will follow a similar format but, will be a little longer in length, and will go deeper on foundation concepts.

Future courses will include Tai Chi Sword and expanding the Tai Chi Form Foundation Series by focusing in on specific aspects. These will include Yang Power Tai Chi focusing on a competitive athletic performance of the Tai Chi Form, Peace Tai Chi focusing on the meditation side, and specific lectures and training on treating individual conditions with Tai Chi. Once Covid-19 pandemic eases we will work on Tai Chi Chuan’s partner exercises.

Rachel is working diligently with the team to create these courses for you and we will give you more information as soon as it becomes available!

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