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Our beloved cinematographer, Sean Lim, who worked for 10,000 Victories for almost three years has moved onward and upward into the professional film production. At 10,000 Victories we know it is the end of an era. We have had a great time working together and we wish Sean the best as he stretches his wings and flies forward and upward into his film career.

Sean Lim was responsible for editing and posting all of our Tai Chi Online Course as well as many other projects. There are over 500 lessons that Sean has edited currently available in the 10,000 Victories Online Academy. Sean did a great job with this enormous project working throughout the pandemic editing and shooting video. Sean Lim also was a Director of Photography and/or Camera Operator on many shoots. Sean Lim and Rachel Jensen worked well behind the scenes producing and polishing every lesson and every shot to a professional standard.

Many people will recognize Lim’s name and work from the Dragon’s Dance film that we have posted about many times in this blog. Dragon’s Dance is Lim’s thesis project for his film degree and it is nearing completion. Currently in the final stages of post-production we should be viewing Dragon’s Dance at a screening party soon! Keep your eyes on our newsletter for more information and your invitation to attend and support this cool martial art short film.

Thank you, Sean Lim! Wishing you Great Success!

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