While some bought Toilet Paper, Sifu had other ideas…

By March 23, 2020Garden

They say “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”. I realize for many people running out of toilet paper is almost the worst thing that can happen.

Obviously, these folks have never had their $7,000.00 bidet break and run out of toilet paper!

Sometimes, well often, according to my closest family, I seem to have my priorities backward.

On Friday, I had this 2 yard pile of compost delivered to my house.

It is steaming and there is plenty of earthy horse and cow aroma to make every fly in the area shake its tail and wake up.

I have had many gardens in this yard in the past. But it has been a few years and I know that tree roots are clogging the growing area. Mostly these are from my neighbors tree and the oak tree, and only a few from my own cherry tree.












I am double digging this garden and removing the roots before I add the compost. I have completely removed two shovel depths of soil and broken up the remaining level thoroughly removing all rocks and roots.

The roots filled my green bin.







I have huge borage plants feeding the local bees. I have spotted three different types of bees at least. Plus I have seen true Bumble Bees for the first time years!!! I let the borage grow on the compost from last year. It is huge. Humming and buzzing with bees. Small birds raid the seeds that fall underneath the bushes. Soon they will have to be removed though.






Compost is starting to go back in the garden area and being mixed in with soil. Breaking all lumps up. Using many wheelbarrow loads to transport the compost to the garden patch. Adding this much compost is way over the top, but has produced amazing gardens in the past!! This will insure all the green veggies I am about to plant will explode! I also add oyster shell and crushed decomposed granite to mineralize the soil.








Fruit trees have been stunningly beautiful this spring. More photos will come soon


  • Carol says:

    I totally agree; The more compost the happier the garden. Your neighbor’s plants will also think so. My fingers are crossed that your plants grow stronger so they can out compete the neighboring plants. Happy flowers!

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