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Dear Family and Friends,

As we are still processing what’s going on for 2020, 2021 is just around the corner. We are thankful for our loving and supportive community. Thank you to everyone who has gone out of your way to make sure that we are doing ok. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to offer your kindness and aid. Without your compassion and help, 2020 would have been a lot more darker than it already has been for us.

We are all celebrating this holiday season somewhat differently from our usual ways. Where ever you are in the world celebrating life, thank you. Our world is brighter with your loving heart and compassion. Thank you for being the light.

We have been working hard producing great programs to share with you in 2021. Our well received Podcast is coming back soon for the new season. We have a lot of goodies planned for you!

As we are marching safely towards 2021, enjoy these beautiful Marin headlands pictures taken 12/21/2020. Have fun, stay safe and healthy!


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