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10,000 Victories Program Manager Darcy Calhoun


Introducing Darcy Calhoun our new Little Animals Instructor and Program Manager

Darcy is an amazing human being and wonderful instructor. We are delighted to have her help!

Darcy will assist Rachel with many administrative tasks managing our programs and coordinating with our partner organizations and with our talented instructors like Harrold Rudl and Connor Jensen.

Darcy is great writer and has contributed some wonderful short stories or fables to our beloved “Fu Books”!

My personal favorite is from the Horse Fu Book and is called “Runs through Lightning!”

Mentioning this makes me realize this Fu Book is not on our website!

Oh the horrors!

We’ll take care of that right away. In the meantime enjoy the pleasure of anticipation and suspense. I will experience the Zeigarnit Effect until we add it.


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