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12 Animal Forms of Xing Yi Quan

By September 27, 2016June 15th, 2021Xing Yi Quan

12 Animal Forms of Xing Yi Quan

The 12 Animal Forms of Xing Yi Quan are more advanced than the Five Element Fists.  Many of the animals are short combinations practiced in lines on both sides of the body.
Other animals are more involved with a maximum of about 20 moves.

The 12 Animals take your Xing Yi Quan tactics and strategy to the next level and teach you how to use the power you developed in the Five Element Fists in new ways.

The 12 Animals capture the spirit of each animal and teach different ways of moving or strategies.

Dragon – coiling and leaping
Tiger – explosive palm strikes
Horse – stamping power and crossing arms
Snake – lowering and loosening
Monkey – quick turns and leaps
Falcon – twisting and thrusting power
Sparrow Hawk – penetrating
Bear- driving upward
Eagle – controlling downward
Alligator – sideways torquing
Rooster – lifting and entering
Swallow – smoothly changing height and direction

The 12 Animals are more interesting and varied than the Five Elements making them fun to practice.  Each of these animals is also fierce in a fight!


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