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Sifu Jensen practicing Ba Gua Zhang. 10,000 Victories school is located in San Rafael, Marin, CA.

The Circle Walking Exercises of Ba Gua Zhang are an advanced form of walking qigong and a powerful body strengthening method for martial arts. (Read recent article on walking qigong)

Keep your eyes out for more lessons and new follow along workouts from both the Ba Gua Zhang Circle Walking and the Tornado Core Exercises!

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Exciting new course on the amazing art of Ba Gua Zhang is being added to the 10,000 Victories Online Academy. This course is packed with incredibly valuable lessons on the Tornado Core Exercises and the unique methods of Ba Gua Zhang Circle Walking. The Tornado Core exercises are the foundation level of training designed to build a strong, resilient body prepared for developing profound skill in martial arts.

The Tornado Core exercises strengthen and loosen all parts of the body, and teach the synergistic whole body twisting power the Ba Gua Zhang is famous for. These exercises are also amazingly therapeutic, especially for the shoulders and upper back. In fact, the Tornado Core exercises are the fastest and most effective means of transforming one’s body I have learned. I personally have benefitted enormously from learning and practicing them and so have many of my students. I consider them to be a powerful Qigong or health development method.

“I came to study Martial Arts with Scott Jensen to heal a severe injury. I had been on heavy painkillers and had many neurological problems along with chronic pain and had what they call “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome”. I was also disabled from my previous occupation. I was recommended by my chiropractor who said “The Only thing I know of that might heal you is training Ba Gua with Scott Jensen. You need to learn new ways to use and move your upper body”.

I began slowly and within several weeks the pain and numbness in my hands and arms and shoulders began to dissipate. Today I am without any pain or numbness unless I exacerbate my old injury. I can now say I don’t need any more painkillers! I don’t even have to see the chiropractor anymore. My neurologist said when he saw me a few years after my initial evaluation “The only thing I can offer you is pain control. About 85% of my patients with your problem are on heavy pain medications and it gets worse. Whatever you are doing you’d better continue since I have not seen anyone recover in this way.”

Not only was I out of pain and numbness but I had improved my overall health, flexibility and quality of life! I can’t thank Scott enough for my turnaround. This of course took time and patience to begin to integrate all that I had learned into a daily practice. I can’t thank Scott enough for giving me the tools to heal my body. Scott is able to modify your workout based on your abilities or injury and is able to guide you gently to avoid re-injury. His classes expand your abilities to stand and move with proper alignment preventing future injuries! I recommend anyone who wants to feel energized and begin to improve their flexibility, balance, and heal their body join Scott’s Classes!” – Jackie T”

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