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10,000 Victories is a wonderful community and resource for you to learn Ancient Lineage Arts like Tai Chi, Qigong, Xing Yi, Northern Shaolin and Bagua, and connect with others who also love these Ancient Lineage Arts.

When plants or animals mature and become strong and healthy, we think it natural. At 10,000 Victories we want everyone to naturally be healthy, vibrant, victorious, and happy. To be able to live in harmony with yourself, your family, and your community.

Our Head Instructor, Sifu Scott Jensen, is an International Gold Medalist. Sifu Jensen has inherited important ancient lineages of Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin, Xing Yi and Bagua from the world’s foremost Grandmasters. Even more important to you is his skill as an instructor and coach who has helped thousands of people profoundly improve their health and built a championship team of 10,000 Victories’.

He is generously sharing his knowledge, skills, and wisdom he has acquired in over 40 years of professional study and teaching with you. Sifu Jensen finds immense satisfaction in helping people improve their lives with Ancient Lineage Arts. We sincerely hope this academy and our courses can help you too!

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