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By October 8, 2018Events
Sifu Jensen strikes a pose Northern Shaolin #10 while in Taiwan.

Dear Students, Friends, and Fans,

Our Big Celebration of our Black Sash Students graduation is fast approaching on October 20th.

We are delighted to be able to hold this event and honor the hard work of these fine students. We hope you can come join us, support a great cause, and experience the power of this rare art.

Show Starts at 4 PM (arrive at 3:30 PM and check in, please)

First, Hand Forms – each student will perform one form of their choice. Hand forms are practice routines full of punches, strikes, kicks, leaps, and steps of all types that teach all the moves of the Northern Shaolin Style. Northern Shaolin is a direct and powerful attacking art with many bold moves. These hand forms are exciting and filled with dynamic kicks, many striking combinations, flying kicks, low ground sweeps, and tumbling. Classical, combat oriented Kung Fu.

Second, Weapons Forms – each student will perform one weapons routine. These are all expert level forms. Weapons to be demonstrated include Earth Dragon Staff, Rising Block Spear, Plum Blossom Spear, Kwan Dao (Halberd), Ground Rolling Double Sabers, Plum Blossom Double Dragons Double Swords, and Dragon Phoenix Sword. Wow!

Third, Sparring Forms with Partners – Students pair up and perform either the Northern Shaolin Ground Rolling Sparring Form, Three Combinations Sword vs Sword Sparring from Wu Dang Mountain, or the Northern Shaolin Staff versus Staff Form. These forms are exciting!!!

Fourth, Sparring – Students will again pair up, this time for free sparring, with safety equipment, to demonstrate their skills!!

In addition, to this great show, socializing with the Wulin, and movies, we will also have a great dinner! Rachel and I have selected dishes that are incredibly delicious, and different. Soon we will have to tell the kitchen how many meals to make.

Please buy your tickets now. We appreciate your consideration helping us organize.

Warm regards,
Sifu Jensen

P.S. For those of you who have already purchased tickets, thank you, we’ll see you then. On Oct 20, please check in at the register, your name is already in the guest list.

Ticket at the door, day of event, cash only,
Adult $40,
Kid (12 and under) $20.

Join us this evening and support classical arts.

Tickets can be purchased here:

Purchase Adult Ticket $36

Purchase Child Ticket $18

Check out schedules and activities for event

Location: Duncan Hall of First Presbyterian Church, 72 Kensington Rd. San Anselmo, corner of Ross Avenue and Kensington Street, in San Anselmo, Marin County. Directly across the street from Wade Thomas Elementary School. Street parking is plentiful!

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