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A low energy level and feeling a lack of energy are problems many people who begin Tai Chi have. Fortunately, Tai Chi is famous for helping people improve their energy level and feel more energetic all day long. In this lesson, Sifu Jensen explains how Tai Chi improves your energy level, and helps you feel more energized and energetic all day long and also builds your long term health.

Part of the fantastic 10,000 Victories Online Academy Tai Chi courses are the Getting Results Series of lessons. Each Getting Results lesson draws on Sifu Jensen’s decades of experience teaching Tai Chi to thousands of students and watching their results.

Tai Chi Chuan is famous for its health benefits. But how exactly do you achieve those health benefits? In the Getting Results Series each lesson we look at a specific health benefit that Sifu Jensen has observed his students achieving in their Tai Chi practice. In each lesson, Sifu Jensen gives you tips about how the training methods of Tai Chi actually produce each benefit and how to focus your own training to better achieve that benefit.

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