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Kung Fu Animal Power Student Guide is Here!


Hot off the presses and ready for your enjoyment and education.

Kung Fu Animal Power uses 18 Animals to teach classic virtues to build good character and healthy bodies.

Each Kung Fu Animal also teaches a detailed body mechanic lesson and the drills to master it.  These lessons build superior coordination, balance, and agility, as well as balanced whole body strength and flexibility.

Kung Fu Animal Power builds courage and real self defense skill with powerful moves from the best styles of Kung Fu.

Master the Lessons of Kung Fu Animal Power and enter the Wu Lin Ren, or “Forest of Virtuous and Skilled Martial Artists”.

This book is a great guide for Kung Fu Animal Power students.  You’ll learn about every animal, and all the fun things you’ll learn when you study Kung Fu Animal Power!

Topics covered:

What is Kung Fu?

Origin of Kung Fu

Virtue, Character and Self Defense

The five lessons of each Kung Fu Animal – Virtue, Awareness, Body Mechanic, Drills, Self Defense Moves

All 18 Animals – a Detailed and inspiring introduction.

Fu Books and Animal Power Patches

Foundations Skills of Kung Fu

Complete your Kung Fu Animal Power Program and enter the Wu Lin or Forest of Skillful and Virtuous Marital Artists

Traditional Styles of Kung Fu and much more!

The Kung Fu Animal Power Student Guide has 62 full Color pages and is packed with beautiful photos and illustrations.

Ask your instructor for a copy or follow this link:

Kung Fu Animal Power Student Guide


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