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Linking Forms of Xing Yi Quan

By September 13, 2016June 15th, 2021Xing Yi Quan

Linking Forms of Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan has a number of Linking Forms.  Linking Forms basically combine different moves in different combinations like the links of a chain.  Some are short like the Five Element Linking Form.  Others are long and complex using every move in Xing Yi Quan!

Here are the names of some.

Five Element Linking Form – This is the simplest form in the system it has a total of 10 or 12 moves.  In it you do the opening then repeat the each of the Five Element Fists once and then turn around, and repeat them again, then close.

Connecting Links Form – Connecting Links Form is only slightly longer than the Five Element form but it adds moves from Dragon and Alligator.  It has a really nice flow and is fast to perform.

Eight Methods Form – Eight Methods Form is intermediate in length and difficulty and focuses on four elements and four animals.

12 Animals Linking Form – The 12 Animals Linking Form is an advanced form that contains all 12 animals and is performed with lower stances making it far more challenging.

Great Linking Form – The Great Linking Form is 99 moves long and it is awesome.  It contains all Five Element Fists and all 12 Animals.   The great linking form has great attacking combinations and footwork.


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