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A New Northern Shaolin Design for Long Sleeve Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies is available in our store. I have just ordered my first samples of each and will post pictures as soon as they arrive.

To create our New Northern Shaolin design I had several meetings with Designer and Creator Nick Angel. Nick was a student of mine in the 1990s and got back in touch with me about a year ago. Nick hasn’t been able to continue his own study, but wanted to make a contribution to our efforts to promote and preserve the art of Northern Shaolin because he loves the art. Nick donated his time and effort to help us and I love the design.

We started with a base of masterful original calligraphy by Agou and then went to work. Agou is highly regarded traditional artist in Taiwan with many awards and shows to his credit. Whenever, Rachel and I visit Taiwan we always have tea with Agou and discuss culture, meditation, philosophy, art and tea. Agou has encyclopedic knowledge of traditional culture and art is a fantastic reference for obscure questions and definitions of words or ideas. Agou has also contributed his skills and brush to promote the art of Northern Shaolin and my teaching.

The sweat shirt and hoodie are from Champion and are heavyweight fabric. These are perfect for training outdoors on cooler days. Wearing both on a cold foggy mountaintop training session is perfect.

The long sleeve is by American Apparel and they are made in Los Angeles. A good quality long sleeve.

When you buy one of these new Northern Shaolin Design garments you are not only getting a quality piece of clothing that will last many years, but you are also supporting Northern Shaolin and our efforts to teach this magnificent art. When you wear it, you should your pride and membership in a small elite group either as a fan or as a fighter.

Thank you for your support!


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