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Philosophy and Lore

9 new lessons have been added to Philosophy and Lore, learn about features and history of different styles of Tai Chi and The Grand Ultimate – Putting It All Together

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Push Hands

24 new Push Hands lessons are added, there are now a total of 69 Push Hands lessons in the library! Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Palm Positions for Pushing
  • Shoulder Pushing Drills
  • Chest Pushing Drills
  • Chest Lean Back
  • Hip Pushing Drills
  • Uprooting
  • One Step Push
  • Neutralize Push with Step Back
  • One Step Push Line
  • Push Line with Test
  • Classic Push Hands: Peng, Lu, Ji, Ahn – Cheng Man-Ching Version
  • Classic Push Hands: Peng, Lu, Ji, Ahn – Chin-na version
  • Free Style Push Hands
  • Moving Steps and many more!
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Bagua Zhang Qigong Foundation Course Overview

In this course we will study the Liang Zhen Pu Style of Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Li Zi Ming and his student, my teacher, Zhang Hua Sen. This course provides the core and foundation of Ba Gua Zhang including exercises to develop the body method, prepare the joints, tendons, muscles, and bones, teach effective self-defense, and learn the unique and essential circular footwork. The Ba Gua Zhang exercises taught in this course have high therapeutic value for all conditions related to the muscular skeletal system. They also are superb at bilaterally balancing the body and positively stimulating the sensory and nervous systems.

Learning Goals

  • Learn Relaxing Tendons Floating Bones Qigong
  • Learn Yin Yang Accu-Slapping Qigong
  • Learn 33 Tornado Core Drills
  • Learn the Fixed Posture Circle Walking Qigong (Ding Shir)
  • Learn Ba Gua Zhang Cooling Off Exercises

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