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Wong Jackaman Lineage: Northern Shaolin number 6, aka, Duanda or Short Striking.

Northern Shaolin is famous for our long and low stances. Northern Shaolin stances are the longest or maximum length of stances used in Kung Fu or Tai Chi. The stances of Northern Shaolin are also lower, with the hips and thighs level. These long low stances look incredible. They also build strong legs and hips with great flexibility. The low stances of Northern Shaolin are hard work to learn. Once you have developed strength, flexibility, and skill your stances and steps become expressive, bold, and fun. In sparring it is easy to take extremely long steps in or out and from different angles. This allows you to control the distance and timing better during sparring, When kicking the strength and flexibility you get from low stances makes your kicks powerful. The stances and strength from them resist grappling and throwing. For dynamic footwork and strength choose Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

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