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The core of our Xing Yi Quan (Form and Will Boxing) is the Hebei style of Sun Lu Tang taught by Wong Jackman and then supplemented by other training methods and forms from other teachers and lineages. Wong Jackman’s Xing Yi Quan system was a complete system without these additions. The supplemental pieces expand and enhance the system. Combining harmoniously and synergistically into a cohesive and comprehensive system we retain the best elements of many branches of Xing Yi Quan. 

  • Wong Jackman’s Xing Yi Quan from the Sun Lu Tang lineage of Yim Sheng Mo is the base of my Xing Yi Quan. Wong taught a complete system and I teach his entire system and then supplement it with parts from other Xing Yi Quan systems. 
  • From Liu Wan Fu I also learned a complete Xing Yi Quan system and I focus on his magnificent long linking forms the Da Lian Huan (Great Linking Form) 77 and Da Lian Huan 99. These forms are so long at 77 and 99 moves that they are breaking the mold of Xing Yi Quan having short forms. Each of these contains all 5 elements and 12 Animals techniques. I also teach many of Liu Wan Fu’s 12 Animals, but not all, as some are identical to those taught by Wong Jackman. Liu Wan Fu learned his Xing Yi Quan from Li Cun Yi.
  • From Liang Ke Quan I learned a complex calculus of Xing Yi Quan 5 Element variations. These 5 Element variations are all very logical and develop the ability to really use the 5 Elements fluidly with nimble footwork. Some of Liang Ke Quan’s animals are also unique and valuable so they are also incorporated. 
  • From the North American Tang Shou Tao (Tang Dynasty China Hand Way) system of Xing Yi Quan I teach the Lying Tiger Exercises, 5 Star Striking Drills, and the Xing Yi Quan Chin Na Sparring Form. 
  • Although Peter Ralston’s Xing Yi Quan Forms were the same as Wong Jackman’s Peter Ralston had three unique elements, a series of agile footwork drills based on San Ti Shir or Three Treasure Stance, great sparring drills, and a powerful internal method of Iron Shirt. These are incorporated into this curriculum in addition to the classical Xing Yi Quan forms from Wong Jackman. 
  • From Li Gui Chang’s Shanxi style Xing Yi Quan I added their excellent methods of drilling the Five Elements without the following step and specific breathing exercises. 
  • From Mike Bingo’s Shen Long (Spiritual Dragon) Tang Shou Tao Xing Yi Quan I have added his Tan Tien training, Standing Snake Body Drills, and low kicking drills. 
  • From Luo De Shou’s Taiwanese Tang Shou Tao Xing Yi Quan I added the Five Elements Qigong. 

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