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Podcast Episode #52 Aim for Skills to Start Your Journey

Playing with your shoelaces and thinking about running is not the same as entering the race and placing yourself on the starting the line. When you decide to become skillful in your art whether it is Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, Sword, Xing Yi Quan, or Qigong is when your journey really begins. By committing yourself to regular, focused practice and paying with your time and effort you earn the real skills, physique, and health benefits of your training. I also discuss how my teachers Ba Gua Zhang Master Zhang Hua Sen and Chen Family Tai Chi Master Chen Xiao Wang escaped hardship by mastering their arts. This is somewhat different than the sacrifices required in modern life. When you decide to become skillful and spend the time and effort you will also meet your own mind, and train it and your will power to keep your feet on the path and heading toward your goal. In addition, I have a fun question that will help you meet your own mind and find out who is driving the car on this journey!

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